Common errors

Error parsing script / Failed to load script

Your server artifacts are likely outdated. Update your server to version 5181 or above.

You lack the required entitlement to use okokVehicleShop

Try restarting your server and make sure your server license key is correct. If you bought the resource on the wrong account, you can transfer it to another account on keymaster.

Failed to verify protected resource

Files were possibly corrupted during transfer. Ensure hidden files are copied; the .fxap file in a protected resource must be included. Some FTP programs skip these files.
SCRIPT ERROR: ?:-1: attempt to index a nil value
This error usually happens when joining the server, to fix it, navigate to the config.lua file and set Config.DevMode = false.
The vehicle colors don't get saved after purchasing a vehicle / Not being able to change the vehicle color
This is due to your garage resource not supporting RGB colors.
To fix this, go to the config.lua file and set Config.UseColorID = true.
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