Installation Guide


Execute the following SQL code in your database:

CREATE TABLE `okokmulticharacter_tebexids`(
    `identifier` varchar(255) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    `tebexids` longtext NULL

Enable Purchased Character Slots (via Tebex)

Go to your server.cfg and add setr sv_tebexSecret YOURSECRETKEY.

To obtain the Secret Key, go to https://creator.tebex.io/game-servers and hit the Edit button.

Now, you should set the package id in the config file (Config.PackageID).

Once you've created the package on Tebex, you'll find a link similiar to this one: https://creator.tebex.io/packages/1726354; simply copy the final numbers and paste them after the Config.PackageID.

Server artifacts

Make sure your server artifacts version is up to date.

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